Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This sheath was made from two Tandy kits. the large knife and folding knife. I learned a lesson in where to put a design and it is not where you are going to have to mold the leather. Other than that it came out okay and serves the purpose of holding the Buck 119 and Smiths sharpener.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leather Work

This leather top hat came with a light brown hat band that I never really liked so I made one. I had these spikes in my leather box and the neutron star screw back concho.  With a little stamping it came out okay.

I had a little fun with this flask cover. The original design and paint taught me a few lessons in carving and shaping.
This is the front view of my compass case. 
Can anyone guess what the symbol is?

My first attempt at custom leather molding. It fits the compass perfectly. Much better than the flimsy cloth case that came with it.
A pair of protective cuffs from oil tanned leather. I found that you didn't need a special leather sewing machine all the time.

Monday, August 6, 2012

MAY 2012

This is Bass Lake near the Southern
entrance to Yosemite.

Knarley old trees seem to catch my eye and when my wife and I were scouting rest stops around Bass Lake for a picnic I had to take a shot of this one. It also shows how low the Lake is which may be due tot he new hyro-electric plant going in.
 Just one of beautiful falls. This one may be famous.
Another of the falls in B+W. Interesting as well is the erosion of the bank when the water runs high. Think I would not want to be where I took this.
 My daughter and walked down the road a ways to get this framing of Half Dome.
 JULY 2012

A shot from under a canopy of coastal pine along Highway 1 North of Santa Cruz, California
 Pigeon Point Light Station. Hyw 1, CA  July 3, 2012
Another lighthouse stripped of its lens and in serious disrepair. It is thought so little of, that not even a flag can be raised on the station pole. Very sad.
 This view is looking back toward shore from a platform in front of the fog horn house.
The twin fog horn bells reaching toward the sea. This house will, at some point, house the real lighthouse lens that was removed from the lamp room. The light, still an official aid to navigation, was replace with something er ........ efficient.